Be kind and always choose love over fear.
— Cami Julaine
"Be kind, and always choose love over fear."- Cami Julaine

About cami julaine 

CAMI JULAINE is an American Singer-Songwriter and Actor based in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Cami has been singing since a child, and has picked up acting along the way. Not long after she started songwriting, she began to rap the lyrics she would write, and continues to use that as a monumental part of her career. With a little bit of sassy and sultry, Cami's voice and personality has left it hard for audiences to forget her distinctive energy.

Being trained by Adriana Mcphee (a former American Idol Vocal Coach), Dallas Lovato, and Gayla Goehl from Gary Spatz: A Young Actor's Conservatory, Cami has a heart full of gratitude for her amazing teachers and the rest of her team of mentors and supporters.

One thing Cami holds very close to her heart is her passion for public speaking, while mentoring women and men that struggle with mental health--specifically abuse victims and recovering addicts. Cami herself is a recovering woman and advocate for finding freedom from an Eating Disorder, Addiction, Anxiety, and Depression.

In her free time, Cami loves to be with her friends at the beach, hiking, dancing (even though she has two left feet), and doing yoga. Cami's favorite thing to do is spend time with her one love: Bella, her black and white Shih Tzu.